North Carolina Association of International Educators

Job Description


Term Three Years
Appointment: By State Chair

Qualifications: Must have two years or more experience in international education. Should be familiar with international education issues. Should demonstrate commitment to the concept of professional development through participation in conferences and workshops. Comfort with fiscal responsibility required. Prefer individual with previous experience as a treasurer or a role working with fiscal matters in a non-profit setting.


  • Attend NCAIE Board Meetings representing the international education interests of professionals and community volunteers in North Carolina.
  • Maintain and invest all funds held in accounts as directed by the Board.
  • Receive and disburse all funds as directed by the Board.
  • Maintain an accurate accounting of all funds held.
  • Should feel comfortable handling and/or managing any IRS concerns or matters pertaining to NCAIE‚Äôs status as a non-profit organization.
  • Present the NCAIE budget at the annual State Conference business meeting.
  • Prepare and submit a printed budget report for each Board meeting, for the Annual State Conference and for any other meetings as directed by the Board.
  • Work closely with Registrar, Webmaster and other Board members around NCAIE signature events, including but not limited to State Conference, Fall Immigration Workshops, International Student Leadership Conference.
  • Expected to be present for the registration period of all NCAIE signature events. If not possible, work with registrar and/or other board members for alternative representation.
  • Maintain knowledge of PayPal as a form of payment for conference registrations.
  • Lead the Board in preparing an annual budget at the meeting following the Annual State Conference.
  • Assist the Sate Chair and Chair-Elect in identifying potential candidates for succession to the NCAIE Treasurer position.
  • Attend the NCAIE State Conference
  • Attend the NAFSA Region VII and NAFSA National Conferences if possible.

Updated: December 2011

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