Google Group (Listserv) Guidelines

NCAIE is happy to announce the  Google Group Listservs are now available for general use!

PLEASE NOTE: The only people who can send emails to the group are those who are members of the group.  If you know someone you wants to join the group, please direct them to to join.


Please send emails to the correct audiences.  If the email is intended for one of the smaller groups (Education Abroad or International Student Scholar Services), please use that list instead of the NCAIE General list.

Please send responses to the correct audience(s). It is easy to reply without looking to see who the message is going to.  You should be able to choose to reply to the entire group or to only the person who sent the original email.

Please include a meaningful Subject Line. The Subject Line should be specific summarize the content of your email.

Please do not abuse the list(s).  We know you may have a number of items you would like to share with the group, but we all also know what it is like to receive 15 emails promoting the same thing.  If you are promoting a conference for example, please only send one email announcing the conference and a reminder email a few days before the deadline.

Please be professional. We only get one chance to make a first impression.

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