North Carolina Association of International Educators

Job Description


Term Three Years
Appointment: By State Chair


Must have two years or more experience in international education. Should be familiar with international education issues. Should demonstrate commitment to the concept of professional development through participation in conferences and workshops.


  • Attend NCAIE Board Meetings representing the international education interests of professionals and community volunteers in North Carolina.
  • Record the minutes of Quarterly NCAIE meetings, including regular board meetings, the annual Business meeting at the State Conferences, and affiliate meetings at Region VII conferences (if possible).
  • Minutes of affiliate meetings should include not only a record of transacted business and key discussion points but also identify information of award recipients (to be posted on website) and plenary speakers.
  • Maintain an archive of historical records for NCAIE to the extent that is practical, including the Constitution and Bylaws, minutes and official documents, terms of officers, position descriptions and special projects. Digital images may be a part of the historical record.
  • The Historian will be the official custodian of electronic files and templates necessary for the efficient governance of NCAIE and board members will be encouraged to share useful files and templates with the Historian. The Historian will provide a complete set of currently useful electronic files to the Chair in a convenient and easily accessible data-storage format annually.
  • The Historian may also be called upon to purge non-essential paper documents that may have accumulated as a part of the NCAIE historical record, converting significant documents (as may be practical) to electronic formats.
  • The Historian should be aware of changing technologies and data-storage/ retrieval systems and manage (to the extent practical) the conversion of data that is stored in a format which is at risk of becoming obsolete.
  • Assist the State Chair and Chair-Elect in identifying potential candidates for succession of Historian position.
  • Attend the NCAIE State Conference.
  • Attend the NAFSA Region VII and NAFSA National conferences, if possible.

Updated.  December 2011

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