Recruitment, Admissions, & Preparation (RAP) – Admissions

North Carolina Association of International Educators

Job Description

ADMISSIONS: Recruitment, Admissions and Preparation (RAP)

Term Three Years
Appointment: By State Chair

Qualifications: Must have two years or more experience in international education. Individual should be familiar with international education issues related to RAP. Should demonstrate commitment to the concept of professional development through participation in conferences and workshops and the observance of commonly accepted international admissions and recruitment procedures.


  • Attend NCAIE Board Meetings representing the international education interests of RAP, particularly as it relates to admissions issues.
  • Be sensitive to and aware of RAP international education concerns, serving as a resource person for RAP international educators in North Carolina raising awareness of opportunities for service, participation, training and funding through NAFSA/NCAIE.
  • Arrange, implement and/or lead RAP sessions at the NCAIE State Conference each year.
  • As needed, and/or requested by the State Chair, provide training and support for RAP professionals by arranging, implementing and/or leading state workshops (in addition to the NCAIE State Conference) dealing with relevant RAP issues and concerns.
  • Identify potential RAP candidates (newcomers and others) for participation in NCAIE encouraging involvement in organizational activities and in NAFSA/NCAIE/RAP.
  • As needed, keep NCAIE participants informed (through Listserv/Database and/or Website, etc.) of relevant RAP developments, issues and concerns.
  • Assist the State Chair and Chair-Elect in identifying potential RAP candidates for succession to the NCAIE RAP Board position.
  • Attend the NCAIE State Conference.
  • Attend the NAFSA Region VII and NAFSA National Conferences if possible.

Updated.  December 2011

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